High-Interest Savings Accounts

We can offer you access to four financial institutions for deposit accounts. This provides you with a choice of product features to best suit your personal and/or corporate needs. 

Loan Products

We offer secured and unsecured lines of credit and RRSP Loans to assist you with your cash flow and funding needs. Whether for investment, debt consolidation or cash flow enhancement, we offer solutions. Please inquire within about out Loan Product Partners.

Invis & Mortgage Intelligence - Our Mortgage Partner

We are pleased to help you meet your mortgage financing needs and to do this, we've formed a strategic alliance with Invis & Mortgage Intelligence (Invis-MI). Invis-MI is one of Canada's largest independent mortgage brokerage firms. This partnership gives you access to a wider selection of lenders and mortgage solutions as well as access to better lending rates.

It is our goal to make sure all your financial needs are met. With IPC's partnerships, we can continue to build strong relationships with clients. Don't hesitate to contact us should you not see what you are looking for as we offer many services you may not know about.